Vision and Mission


To establish itself as a center of excellence with an aim to produce globally competent technocrats by imparting qualitative technical education, skills, attitudes and competencies blended in ethical values in as socially and economically backward Rayalaseema region of Andhra Pradesh.

  • M1: To educate and train the students into professional technocrats ready to take up middle management positions in Engineering and Technology domains.
  • M2: To facilitate students gain life-long learning skills and motivate them to pursue higher education and to excel in their professional career.
  • M3: To train them with 21st century skills that includes core competencies such as collaboration, digital literacy, personality development, career guidance, team spirit, critical thinking, and problem-solving efficiency to face new challenges.
  • M4: To provide practical exposure through industry institute connect and escalate the professionals into Entrepreneurs.
  • M5: To inculcate life skills, high standards of ethics, universal human values, respect the environmental and sensitivity towards society to make them psychologically and emotionally fit to face adverse Situations