Disciplinary Committee Internal Complaint Committee

S.No. Name of the Member Designation Activity
1 Smt. Dr.P.Sujatha Principal (FAC) Convener
2 Sri. M venkata Narayana HMES Member
3 Smt.K.Padmavathamma I/C HGS Member
4 Sri M.Thippeswamy SL/CIVIL Member
5 Sri. N M Muthu Kumar SL/MECH Member
6 Sri S.Ramanadha Reddy SL/MECH Member
7 Smt.R.Leena L/CIVIL Member
8 Smt.E.Rajeswari L/MECH Member
9 Sri N.Raja L/MATHS Member
10 All class teachers incharges of DCE and DME first year, second year and third years LECTURERS Members